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GRF-505 Grandfather Clock
Custom Built Amish Wood Clock

Dimensions are 81" high x 26" wide x 12" deep. 

  • *Choose Your Wood Species

    Contact us if you would like to build your clock with a wood species not listed here. 

    *Choose Your Stain or Paint Color

    Contact us if you would like to choose a stain or paint color that is not listed here. You can also request a free stain color catalog and we can send you up to 3 free wood and stain samples with a grandfather clock order. 

  • *Choose Your Movement Type

    A battery movement is not available in a clock with this type of dial design. 

    *Choose Your Mechanical Movement

    Learn more about the mechanical movements here

    *Choose Your Metal Color

    Includes dial, weights, and pendulum

    Optional Upgrades and Add-ons

    Learn more about our customization options here


    Please add any additional information or questions

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Standard Features of the GRF-505 Amish Grandfather Clock

The windup option comes with the following features:

  • Solid hardwood and plywood construction
  • Kieninger MSU 116cm windup movement with automatic night shutoff feature
  • Westminster, Saint Michael’s, and Whittington chime melodies
  • Chime silencing switch
  • Choice of silver or brass components

Battery Features

The battery option comes with the following features:

  • Solid hardwood and plywood construction
  • True Sounds battery operated movement featuring a Westminster chime, Ava Maria chime, strike only, and 4 Christmas chimes
  • Shelving in the cabinet to replace the weights and pendulum. The battery option is not available with a swinging pendulum.
  • Chime silencing switch
  • Glass in sides
  • Choice of silver or brass dial

Additional Options

The following upgrades may be available for this clock:

  • Wood species – Red Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Elm, Curly Maple, Ash
  • Finish color options – OCS stain collection, painted finish, custom colors
  • Two-tone finish
  • Burnt edges
  • Interior lighting
  • Engraved glass / personalization
  • Wood carvings and engraving
  • Beveled glass (select models)
  • Glass in sides (select models)
  • Silver or brass components (select models)

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