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Handmade Amish Clocks: The Perfect Graduation Gift

Why an Amish clock makes a meaningful gift for graduation As your graduate stands poised to turn the page between college and the next chapter of their lives, you may be searching for the perfect graduation gift to show them…

Big Ben in London England, with beautiful architecture in the surroundings. Specially designed for this location in London, it is the most photographed custom clock in the world.

6 Occasions When a Handmade Custom Clock Is the Perfect Gift

From time immemorial, exquisite timepieces have defined noteworthy spaces and the people who pass time in their shadows. Even before Galileo imagined the mechanism of pendulum timing, master craftsmen fashioned custom clocks as elaborate works of art for the most…

Grandmother clocks vs. Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks vs. Grandmother Clocks: 4 Notable Differences

Many people ask, “What’s the difference between grandfather and grandmother clocks?” While grandfather and grandmother clocks are more similar than different, there are a few noteworthy differences between these two types of long case clocks that we’ll discuss in this…

5 questions about grandfather wall clock / amish made custom clocks

5 Basic Questions about Grandfather Wall Clocks

In this article we’ll answer the following questions about grandfather wall clocks: What is a grandfather wall clock? A grandfather wall clock usually consists of a clock cabinet with a windup or battery operated movement installed behind the clock face.…

amish clocks buying guide

Grandfather Clock Buying Guide [Expanded Edition]

The purchase of a handmade grandfather clock is, for most people, a once in a lifetime event. So it is vital that this endeavor is carefully thought out and researched to make sure the end result is satisfactory. In this…

amish grandfather clock options

Clock Buying Guide

Chimes We offer high quality Hermle weight driven and wind-up clock movements. For the cost conscious shopper, we also offer battery operated movements and chimes.  Here is an overview of what you’ll get with each chime option. Triple Chime This…

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