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grandfather clocks with two weights

Understanding Grandfather Clocks With Two Weights

Understanding the Mechanics: Grandfather Clocks with Two Weights When it comes to grandfather clocks, the three-weight design is most common. However, some timepieces utilize just two weights. But what does this difference signify, and does it impact the clock’s mechanics…

discontinued grandfather clocks

7 Popular Discontinued Grandfather Clocks

The Most Popular Discontinued Grandfather Clocks The importance of grandfather clocks extends beyond timekeeping, as they are passed down through generations as heirlooms. Amongst many models and designs that have graced homes over the years, certain clocks have achieved a…

german mantel clocks

5 Facts You Should Know About German Mantel Clocks

5 Facts You Should Know About German Mantel Clocks Germany is renowned worldwide for the famous cuckoo clock; a very timeless antique piece that mirrors a very deep and powerful history. The artistry and beauty of a German mantle clock…

antique shelf clock

Antique Shelf Clock: A Work of Art by the Amish

Timeless Elegance: Antique Shelf Clock Finds You Can’t Miss! The beauty of having intentionally placed antique pieces in your home is that they instantly add glamor and luxury to your space. There’s always something interesting about decor that holds a…

are grandfather clocks out of style

Are Grandfather Clocks Out Of Style: You Might Be Surprised

Are Grandfather Clocks Out of Style? The Enduring Legacy of Grandfather Clocks Grandfather clocks are no doubt classic vintage pieces that starkly contrast the minimalist, modern aesthetics of today. They are opulent and heavy, and draw attention for their antique…

battery wall clocks

Your Complete Guide to Amish-Made Battery Wall Clocks

Battery Wall Clocks vs Windup Wall Clocks — Which Works Best? From battery wall clocks to traditional grandfather clocks, you may be wondering what type of clock would work best for you and your home. While grandfather clocks are beautiful,…

best grandfather wall clocks

5 Characteristics of the Best Grandfather Wall Clocks

Wondering what features make the best grandfather clocks stand out? Discover the top five characteristics in this article. 5 Characteristics of the Best Grandfather Wall Clocks If you like the style and aesthetics of grandfather clocks but don’t have enough…

high-end mantel clocks

Where to Buy High-End Mantel Clocks

Where to Buy High-End Mantel Clocks in Store or Online When you think of a high-end mantel clock, what comes to your mind? Many think of elegant, refined craftsmanship — clocks meticulously crafted from the finest materials such as solid…

how tall are grandfather clocks

How Tall Are Grandfather Clocks?

How Tall Are Grandfather Clocks? You’ve probably seen these iconic and impressive timepieces in period films, magazines, or palatial or traditional homes you’ve visited. Grandfather clocks conjure an air of nobility, artistry, and timeless elegance. You can put one in…

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