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What are my delivery options?

We offer two types of delivery for grandfather clocks (standard delivery and white glove delivery). 

Our free standard delivery is through LTL freight. With this type of delivery, your clock will be delivered to your front door or as close as the delivery driver can get with his equipment. Your clock will be packaged in a wooden box to protect it during shipping. You will then be responsible to move the clock into your house, unpackage it, and set it up. 

We also offer the option to upgrade to white glove delivery for an additional fee of $399 to most areas in the U.S. With this type of delivery, the shippers will deliver the clock to your desired location on the first floor of your home. They will unpack your clock, set it up for you, and remove the packaging. 

Shipping for most wall and shelf clocks is fulfilled through standard parcel delivery service including FedEx and UPS. Smaller clocks are packaged in cardboard boxes. 


Is shipping free in the U.S? 

Yes, we include standard shipping to all 48 states. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will incur additional charges. For grandfather clocks, we offer the option to upgrade to white glove delivery service for an additional fee.

What happens if my clock arrives damaged? 

While we do our best to prevent damage during shipping, it does happen on rare occasions. We ask that you inspect your clock for damage immediately upon delivery. All damage claims must be made within 10 days of delivery of your clock. In the event that your clock arrives damaged, we will arrange to have your clock returned at our expense for replacement or repairs. Returns should be made using original packaging. Or we may choose to hire a local repair expert to handle the repairs. 


Do you offer international shipping? 

We will consider international shipping on a case by case basis. Contact us for a free evaluation of your situation.


What is included in white glove delivery service? 

We offer the option to upgrade to white glove delivery service for our grandfather clocks. Our white glove delivery service includes moving the clock into the first floor of your home, unpacking it, and setting it up at your desired location for a fee of $399. The shippers can also remove the packaging. 


Can I customize a clock on your website?

Absolutely! We specialize in custom clocks. If you find a clock on our website or somewhere else that you would like to customize, just send us the photo and we’ll get a cost estimate for you.


What is the difference between a grandfather and grandmother clock?

The main difference between a grandfather clock and grandmother clock is in the size and profile. A grandmother clock is smaller in size and has a narrower waist. A grandmother clock may also have a smaller clock movement that is driven by weights and chains instead of weights and pulleys. The movement is wound up by pulling on the chains instead of winding with a key (as in a grandfather clock).

How do I choose a wood and stain color?

We offer a free color catalog and free wood samples so you can see the actual finish before you order your clock. We don’t recommend choosing a final stain color using only digital color samples. We will send you a color catalog and actual wood samples for free. When ordering your samples, we may ask for a payment of $40 for up to 3 samples but when you order your clock we will give you a refund for the cost of the samples (up to 3 free samples for grandfather clocks and 1 sample for wall/shelf clocks)


What is the difference between a battery operated and a windup clock?

A windup clock has better sound than a battery operated clock. It will need to be wound up every 7 or 8 days to keep it operating without interruption. A battery operated clock is usually less expensive than a windup clock but there is a trade off in the sound quality. If a high quality sound is important to you, you’ll want to choose a windup clock.


What if my clock isn’t what I expected?

We will take responsibility for any mistakes that we make on the order or damage that occurs during shipping. In the event that something is not as expected because of our mistake or shipping damage, we will repair or replace the clock at our cost. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. However, due to the custom nature of our clocks we cannot accept returns. All sales are final. 

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