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Who We Are?

We work with Amish craftsmen to bring you top-quality clocks. The Amish have developed a reputation over the years for building high quality solid wood furniture. But their faith and cultural traditions means they have limited access to modern technology and the use of the internet. We help to bridge the gap between the Amish (and their handcrafted clocks) and thousands of potential customers who are shopping for solid wood amish clocks online.

The Amish craftsmen who build for us run small operations, often with only a handful of employees. Traditionally most of the clocks they have built have been sold among their own people. We help to expand the reach of these Amish clock builders by showcasing their beautiful clocks on this website. Because of their limited interaction with modern technology, the Amish would prefer to let someone else handle all of the marketing and sales for their clocks, so that they can focus on perfecting their craft.

All of our Amish clock builders are located in the USA. Although we could most likely find cheaper labor in an overseas market, we prefer to let our local craftsmen build for us. Our prices are reflective of our choice to only source clocks that are made by the Amish in the USA.

We use the made-to-order model for our clocks. As a result, our clocks are highly customizable. Shoppers can choose from a variety of wood options and dozens of stain colors, customizing their clock directly on our website. We also offer custom color matching and many other options too numerous to mention here. If you have something in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Because our clocks are made to order, you can expect to wait significantly longer for your clock to arrive than if you ordered a clock from a typical grandfather clock online store. But there is one thing our customers all agree on: Quality and custom options are worth waiting for.

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