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is there a grandmother clock

Is There a Grandmother Clock? Ask A Clock Expert

Grandmother Clocks: A Lesser-Known Timekeeping Treasure We’ve all heard of grandfather clocks, but is there a grandmother clock? For centuries, grandfather clocks have graced homes as a cherished piece of decor. But there’s another timekeeping treasure that deserves just as…

5 Longcase Clocks for Sale: Handmade In the USA

Explore Our Collection of Longcase Clocks for Sale A longcase or grandfather clock is not just a piece of furniture but a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship. However, finding the most unique longcase clocks for sale can be overwhelming, especially…

oak mantel clocks

Oak Mantel Clocks: What Kind of Wood is Most Common?

Oak Mantel Clocks: Wood Species Commonly Used for Mantel Clocks What’s one of the most important aspects you should consider while buying a mantel clock? It’s the wood material it is made of. The wood species of mantel clock determine…

personalized anniversary clock

Celebrate Your Love Story with a Personalized Anniversary Clock

Celebrate Your Love Story with a Personalized Anniversary Clock Anniversaries are special occasions that celebrate the enduring bond and love shared between two individuals. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift to commemorate such a milestone, few options rival…

personalized clocks for retirement

Your Guide to Personalized Clocks for Retirement

Turning the Page: Personalized Clocks for Retirement Commemorations Retirement is the turning of a new chapter in one’s life — and a very exciting one at that. New hobbies can be started, old hobbies can be realized, and new aspirations…

personalized wall clocks

Personalized Wall Clocks: Create Your Own Family Heirloom

The Value of Personalized Wall Clocks as Gifts and Memorbilia In a world filled with gadgets, personalized wall clocks stand out as special gifts. They’re not just about telling time. They hold memories, emotions, and stories.  In this guide, we’ll…

types of grandfather clocks

4 Unique Types of Grandfather Clocks

Exploring Types of Grandfather Clocks and How They Fit Into Your Home Grandfather clocks bring a special touch to any space. Their presence fills a room with a sense of history, craftsmanship, and the gentle rhythm of time.  But with…

Important Facts About Westminster Chime Grandfather Clocks

Why Are Westminster Chime Grandfather Clocks the Most Common? For decades, Westminster chime grandfather clocks have been a symbol of elegance and mechanical precision. Wondering why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the most common one includes the…

when were grandfather clocks invented

When Were Grandfather Clocks Invented?

When Were Grandfather Clocks Invented? Since their origin, grandfather clocks have been a cherished piece of décor in our homes. Being among the world’s first accurate timepieces, they have sparked curiosity about their invention and history among enthusiasts. However, grandfather…

how much is a grandfather clock worth

How Much Is a Grandfather Clock Worth Today?

Valuation Insider: How Much Is a Grandfather Clock Worth Today? Grandfather clocks have long held a special place in homes thanks to their aesthetic appeal and historical significance. These precious timepieces are often passed down through generations, which naturally reflects…

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