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The Magic of Clockworks

It is a discerning and precious few who linger in awestruck wonder at the skirts of a clockwork and cabinet. Not everyone hears the echo of the cosmos in the mechanisms. Not everyone feels their heart beat in unison with the pendulum. Those who do are in excellent company, perhaps most famously, King George III was a great lover of clocks and technologies of the 18th century and outfitted the royal properties handsomely with clockworks. A true clock lover feels drawn to clockworks and the rich tradition and history surrounding clocks – it’s a fascination rarely put to words.

Several clockworks, wall clocks, antique looking, many different styles, hanging on a wall.
For the love of clocks. Photo by Lokman Sevim

What’s So Special About Clocks?

“I don’t know, I just like clocks.”

What they meant to say was, “How are you not in awe of the skill and expertise that made this intricate, precise mechanism? These clockworks were once lumps of metal in a hill and now, by human hand and imagination, they’re a masterpiece of gears and weights and levers. How are you not moved by this mystery, this magic, this mastery over time itself? How do you deny the miracle of chaos sorted into order before your eyes? The clock is an instrument of pure alchemy, converting the rotation of the Earth itself into possibilities – into dreams. It upholds the border between infinity and purpose.”

Even if we can’t always find the words, clocks are a universal metaphor for life and the complexities of humanity. They connect us through generations, the past tied to the future. Our libraries and theaters are filled with stories about the memories we struggle not to leave behind, the hopes and regrets of the precious moments we get, lessons of purpose, opportunity, and regret, and even about traveling through time itself. Clockworks remind us of time past, of the people who came before us, and the alchemists and philosophers of old – and the idea that we too are witnessed by time as it ticks on.

A Gift for a True Clock Lover

Jean may not have fully understood her husband’s love of clocks, but she did understand just how much he would appreciate a truly special timepiece. Quality and customization were the most important things to her as she wanted this timepiece to live up to the role – to be the unchanging, silent witness on the wall as life unfolds. Our custom-made Amish clocks were the perfect fit. Old-world craftsmanship with a choice of wood, finishes, hardware, lighting, glass, and personalization, paired with a high-quality German-made clockwork movement – our clocks are true heirloom quality.

To make sure this clock would really suit him, Jean made up a little story to get him on the phone and he unknowingly designed his own perfect clock. It must have been a good story because he didn’t put it together until she had already made payments. Both Jean and her husband are active-duty military, which necessitates a lot of moving around. She appreciated how easy it was to customize a design with us, we were even able to adjust the dimensions to exactly suit the size requirements. His custom clock was built to his design while he’s been deployed overseas, and it’s ready and waiting for him to hang in the perfect place when he returns home.

As time marches on, his new clock will be there for all the memories he’ll make, marking moments and building his legacy. If someone in your life lingers in awe, noticing how the pendulum keeps time with their heartbeat, a beautiful handmade Amish clock will be a gift they’ll treasure forever. Browse our collection to find an heirloom-quality clock full of meaning and history.

amish grandfather wall clock gift for husband
Jean’s wall clock – a gift for her husband
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