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Solid Wood Clocks – True American Craftsmanship

Craftsman's woodworking tools
Photo by Anna Shvets:

We know there’s a clock on your phone. We know you can buy a wall clock for $20 at the nearest big box store or online shop. We also know that telling time isn’t the reason you’re shopping for a high-quality, handcrafted, custom solid wood clock. You’re looking for something special. You’re looking for the connection, tradition, and craftsmanship inherent in a hand-made clock.

True American Craftsmanship

When so many things are mass-produced overseas, transported thousands of miles, and made to be disposable, the idea that a human being is taking their time carefully crafting your solid wood clock, by hand, and building it to match your custom preferences right here in Pennsylvania is really something special. A handcrafted solid wood clock is a blend of art and workmanship, form and function, past, present, and future.

Our handmade clocks are a beautiful example of true American craftsmanship, built by skilled Amish woodworkers to last a lifetime. Our focus is always on quality – quality materials, quality components, quality workmanship, and quality service, just like the old days.  

“We like the fact that we’re supporting a hard-working American craftsman. We like to support local businesspeople – and it’s a HANDCRAFTED wood clock. The work is exquisite and we’re proud to have it on our wall in our home.”

– Rich

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses is important to many of us, to support our neighbors and communities, and to ensure they can continue making beautiful, high-quality items far into the future. The quality of a handmade clock outshines anything possible through mass-production, and that’s worth preserving.

When their old electronic wall clock stopped working, Rich and his wife knew they’d want something special to replace it. They already knew they loved the work they’d seen from the Amish folks in Lancaster – from there it didn’t take long to find Old Time Chimes and our hand-crafted, Amish-made clocks. We work with skilled Amish craftsmen across Pennsylvania to build heirloom-quality, solid wood clocks, fitted with the finest German clockworks and made to your specifications.

Rich and his wife picked a clock with a pendulum and a nice chime in a style and finish that would suit their taste even as their décor changes over the years. That was the hard part – once they made their choice, we handled everything. Rich couldn’t say enough about the help and communication he received from the estimate, through the status updates, and delivery – we were happy to do anything we could for him to make sure their purchase, and their new heirloom turned out perfectly.

Carrying a Legacy in a Solid Wood Clock

They were so pleased with their solid wood clock, and impressed with the personal service they received, that they purchased a second clock! This one a mantle clock for their niece and her new husband as a wedding gift. They wanted to give a personal gift, one that would last a long time, serve them through the seasons of their lives, and be something they can enjoy every day. It’s a wonderful gift to mark the beginning of their legacy together.

We’re so incredibly grateful to be a part of the tradition of true American craftsmanship, and humbled to be a part of Rich’s story. When you’re looking for the perfect gift, or the perfect addition to your living room, consider if you’d like to own an heirloom-quality work of art and craftsmanship that you’ll be able to hand down to future generations. Consider if you’d like to support American craftsmen and small local businesses. Old Time Chimes offers some of the best quality solid wood clocks you can find, all handmade in the USA. Browse our collection of heirloom quality clocks and start your quote today.

Rich's solid wood clock with pendulum, wall clock.
Rich’s beautiful, solid wood clock
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