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6 Tips to Turn Your New Grandfather Clock into a Treasured Heirloom

Grandfather Clocks Connect Us, Past – Present – Future

When we see a beautiful, high-quality, handmade grandfather clock, we see more than a clock or a piece of furniture – we see the mark of another human being. We intuitively understand what another person has given of themselves to shape and form – and imagine – this work of art. We understand the generations of innovation and discovery which led up to this precision timekeeping machine. When we see a beautiful, high-quality, hand-made grandfather clock, we know it’s something special.

These are the kinds of pieces we attach ourselves to. Through a clock like this, one with enduring quality, we feel connected to the past and the future – and the clocks forever carry pieces of us with them as they devoutly tick through the ages.

A New Heirloom

Graham and his wife didn’t want to miss a moment when they moved into their first house; a stately grandfather clock in the foyer was one of their first additions. They picked out a beautiful grandfather clock that suited the mid-century modern style of their new home in walnut. Their clock features beautiful triple chimes, and, being astrology lovers, they opted for a face with a moving moon dial.

Already the clock has become an integral part of their lives: teaching their three-year-old daughter her numbers from its face and sending her off to bed with well-timed chimes. She’ll have grown up at the foot of their family clock, and someday, it may even be hers.

A quality timepiece is often a treasured heirloom. It’s because of the connection, the pieces of us they carry with them. If you have a chance to hear someone talk about an old clock they’ve inherited, you’ll quickly hear just how treasured they are. Humans are designed for stories, and the owners of heirloom clocks tell the stories of their clocks to strengthen their connections to the people who came before.

Handmade Amish Grandfather Clock, Handmade Grandfather Clock with triple chimes and moon dial
Graham’s beautiful handmade grandfather clock – a new heirloom.

Telling a Story

If you have a new, handmade, heirloom-quality clock as Graham does, the most amazing gift you could give to future generations is a story. They will treasure your hidden messages, and it is so fun to leave little bits for people to find.

A handwritten note inside the case of your grandfather clock will be a treasured memory to your heirs.
Photo by cottonbro studio

Here are six ideas to help your clock tell its story. Any of these items can be placed inside an envelope or packet inside the clock cabinet, behind the face, or on the back. Future heirs will be delighted to find the treasures you’ve left for them.

  1. Care. Ensure your clock is well cared for, it is holding someone’s memories. Keep it clean, polished, and working. Follow the care instructions provided with your purchase.
  2. History. Keep a record of the timepiece itself. It’s great to include the receipt or order form, manuals, a log of where it has lived and who it has lived with, and records of service or repairs.
  3. Photographs. Printed pictures of the family (and the clock) with the names and dates written on the back. It’s especially wonderful to add a new photo every now and then, both for you to look back on over the years and for its future heir.
  4. Stories. A small collection of diary-style entries written over the years to tell stories of how the family has moved or grown or endured tragedy.
  5. Notes. A letter written specifically to your future heir is an indescribable gift, a chance to ensure a message of love, hope, and encouragement is never forgotten.
  6. Family Tree. If your family has already done this work, a handwritten copy or a printout are both amazing pieces to include.

When you’re ready to start a new legacy, a handmade Amish clock from our collection will be the perfect heirloom to pass down for generations to come. These clocks are of true heirloom quality, custom-built by Amish craftsmen in the United States, and fitted with high-quality German movements – built to last a lifetime. Browse our grandfather clock collection today and customize your legacy.

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