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Custom Amish Clocks – An Enduring Memorial

A custom Amish clock may be exactly the enduring memorial you’re looking for.

It’s natural to look for ways to honor and remember our loved ones when they’ve gone. It has been a universal human calling to carry on their legacies and tell their stories. Both ancient and modern memorial monuments bespeckle the globe. From elaborate tombs to museums and libraries to magnificent paintings and statues to stunning clocks and towers, we dedicate our world to surround ourselves with memories.

The most touching memorials are perhaps not the most famous, celebrating kings, heroes, and visionaries, but rather those we keep for our loved ones. Across the United States, we scroll beloved names across park benches, garden bricks, fountains, and clocks to share the legacies left in our care.

A Custom Amish Clock in Memoriam

Although time passes on us all, love is eternal. It’s this capturing of eternity in a set of clockworks and carpentry that makes a custom Amish clock a lovely reminder of loved-ones past, a symbol of a life worth remembering, an heirloom connecting generations past, present, and future.

When considering a memorial clock, quality, style, and custom options are absolutely essential. Our Amish craftsmen handcraft each clock to meet your custom choices. In addition to choosing your favorite style, wood, and finish, glass etching and wood engraving offer you an opportunity to dedicate your clock with your loved one’s name and dates, a favorite quotation of theirs, or something meaningful to you. If you have something in mind, please contact us, we’ll always do our best to make it to your exact wishes.

While a grandfather clock can stand on its own, defining a space and carrying gentle comfort every time the chimes fill your home, a shelf or mantle clock can fit perfectly into a smaller memorial space, holding your eternal love. We have options for picture frame clocks as well, which give you an opportunity to include a visible, treasured memory. (These picture frame clocks make wonderful memorials for your beloved pets as well.)

This dedicated custom Amish clock is true heirloom quality, an enduring memorial that will carry the memories of your loved ones far, far into the future.

The Making of a Home Memorial:

When someone dear to us has passed on, the empty space in our lives and our hearts can seem too vast to fill. And as time passes, and life picks back up, as it must, it’s common to wonder what will happen to that space. We all fear that the passing time will blur their memory. It can help to create a space in your home for a memorial.

  • Your memorial can be as simple or elaborate as you like. It could be on a shelf or side table, hung on the wall, outside in the garden, or a whole room. Any space you feel will work is the perfect place.
  • Photographs are a good place to start. Whether it’s a portrait on the wall, or a collection of family photos, consider how the photos make you feel. Perhaps you’re especially proud to see a distinguished elder in a dignified pose or a uniformed military service portrait – or every time you see that silly candid shot you can’t help but smile. Choose the photographs that make you feel the best.
  • If you have a cremation urn, this is a perfect place to keep it. These can be beautifully engraved, unique pottery, or a simple box. The important part is that you have a special place for your loved one’s remains.
  • A couple of keepsakes will help round out your memorial: certificates, favorite books, jewelry, awards, and personal items. You can display these items or place them all inside a keepsake box.
  • Decorate their space with things they loved. Their favorite artwork or quotes, flowers and candles, and reminders of their favorite places and hobbies.
  • In the garden, consider planting a tree and placing an engraved plaque, painted stone, or statuette in their honor.

They say time heals all wounds – perhaps, but we never need forget the marks our loved ones have left on us. As you look for ways to honor and remember your loved ones, take comfort in the eternity of love. We would be honored to help you create a treasured memorial with one of our custom Amish clocks. You can browse our collections here, and please get in touch with any questions or requests.

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