Clock Buying Guide


We offer high quality Hermle weight driven and wind-up clock movements. For the cost conscious shopper, we also offer battery operated movements and chimes. 

Here is an overview of what you’ll get with each chime option.

Triple Chime

This chime can play three different melodies. The melodies included are Westminster, St. Michael’s, and Whittington.


St. Michael’s



This four note chime consists of a single melody that is played in quarters with the full chime being played on the hour.


A bim bam chime is a two note chime that plays on the half hour and the hour. 


This chime plays a single note on the hour, with the number of strikes equal to the hour that is sounding

Our battery operated chimes below give you a good value with the choice of several different chimes.

Quad battery

This option gives you a choice of four different chimes: Westminster, Strike, Bim-Bam, and Ava Maria.

Quad Westminster

Quad Strike

Quad Bim-Bam

Quad Ava Maria

Seiko battery

You get two different chime options with this battery operated movement: Westminster and Whittington

Seiko Westminster

Seiko Whittington

Wood Species

Red Oak

oak wood for clocks

This hardwood has a coarser grain than many other hardwoods. Natural colors vary from light tan to reddish hues. Grains are mostly straight. 


cherry wood for clocks

A prized hardwood for furniture, this hardwood is smooth grained and has a naturally reddish brown color. 


maple wood for clocks

The grain is smooth, and generally straight or wavy. The natural color is nearly white or cream with hints of red and and gold. 


walnut wood for clocks

This wood is full of character. It has a fine yet open grain and comes in bold dark colors with unique patterns. 


ash wood for clocks

A hardwood with a lighter heartwood color, wider spaced growth rings, and a texture similar to oak. 


hickory wood for clocks

This wood has a notable color difference between the sapwood and heartwood, making it a unique and attractive option for fine furniture.

Stain Colors

Click here to download our stain colors swatch book.

Or, if you’re trying to match an existing piece of furniture, we recommend requesting a wood sample.

Remember, colors and wood pattern photos are representative only. Digital representations may not be accurate. We recommend requesting a wood sample before ordering your clock.

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