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A Quality Amish Wall Clock: A Perfect Anniversary Gift

Why a Wall Clock is the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Between husband and wife, an heirloom quality wall clock is a defining gift. Reflecting the investment of time spent and dearly awaited, a quality Amish wall clock makes a perfect anniversary gift. So perfect in fact that in 1937 the American National Retail Jewelers Association listed clocks on their modern list of anniversary gifts, where it’s remained ever since.

A couple dancing in front of a window.
Any reason is a good reason to celebrate love. Photo by RDNE Stock project

While anyone would do well to gift a quality timepiece to a couple on their anniversary, a beautiful clock with a special inscription is the hallmark of a wife’s first-anniversary gift to her husband. A refined appreciation of the time that’s past and a reaffirmation of forever to come, a custom clock is a treasured gift meant to last a lifetime.

An heirloom quality clock allows you to say both, “I appreciate the time we’ve had together, what we’ve been through together, and the life we’ve shared,” and “I’m looking forward to the future we continue to build and the time ahead.” A clock can look back with reverence and love and forward with joy and anticipation. A clock can bring back memories, carry tradition, conjure visions of the future, appreciate the present, and even hint at the legacy ahead.

A Special Gift for Rosemary

Of course, every day is the perfect day to celebrate a beautiful marriage, you don’t have to wait for anniversaries. After losing their home in Hurricane Michael in 2018, Jim wanted something special to help make their new house a home. Rosemary had always wanted a handsome wall clock like the one from her childhood, and even though Jim had resisted in the past, he couldn’t help wanting to do something special for his wife, something she would love.

Jim searched for a month before he found Old Time Chimes and was instantly drawn in by the high-quality Amish craftsmanship of our clocks. When he realized he could choose a quiet, pleasant chime, and even silence the chimes at night, he was convinced. We walked him through the process of creating the perfect wall clock for his wife. He browsed styles and woods and finishes, choosing a beautiful walnut wood, a real showpiece for their home.

It seemed a long wait while our Amish craftsmen custom-built his clock for Rosemary, he couldn’t possibly keep it a secret all that time. He had her guessing when he gave her the wood sample he had chosen, and she was overjoyed when he told her about the clock he was having made especially for her.

Rosemary is delighted! This beautiful, unique timepiece hangs prominently on the wall of their den. It’s a true showpiece, situated in perfect view – everyone who visits the house comments on her beautiful clock – and she has a beautiful story to tell about this treasured timepiece.

A New Heirloom Carrying an Old Tradition

The grandkids love it too! They love listening to the chimes, just like she had as a child. And one day, they’ll hand this clock down through the family, carrying on a family tradition with this new heirloom piece. Maybe their grandkids will gather around and marvel as the gentle melodies play, awestruck even before they understand why it’s so special. And by then, the story will have grown into a legacy.

An heirloom quality Amish-made wall clock is the perfect gift between couples, for anniversaries, or anytime. We’re grateful to be a small part of Jim and Rosemary’s love story. We were able to work closely with Jim to choose the perfect options to suit their unique style and home and we’re proud to see another beautiful heirloom timepiece carrying on a beautiful story. We’d love to help you give a heartfelt gift of time, memory, and hope to your special someone as well, browse our collections and request a quote today.

wall clock, Jim and Rosemary's wall clock
“My husband purchased a clock for me and we just received it and got it hung on the wall. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! – Rosemary
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