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An Amish Grandfather Clock as a Perfect Housewarming Gift

A gift with meaning

A custom-made Amish grandfather clock is a beautiful appointment for a new home, setting the tone for the new space with style and sentiment. It’s a handsome way to elevate the space that conveys the authority of your new homeowners’ good taste and the beginning of a new tradition.

A new house and an heirloom quality clock complement one another beautifully – both an investment in the future, both bestowing a sense of stability and reliability, and both foundational pieces in building a life.

A grandfather clock represents the importance of using your time wisely, living in the moments you can, and taking every opportunity to live well. For the fortunate, life happens at the feet of a grandfather clock – gentle chimes narrating the days, a witness to life, writing your story as you live it.

Every home has a place where we might say the spirit of the house lives, a place where we gather above the others. In some houses it’s in the kitchen, in some, it’s around a cozy fireplace or in a grand parlor, in some it’s around a standout timepiece like one of our heirloom quality Amish grandfather clocks. Honor these spaces with beauty, meaning, and tradition.

A person giving house keys to another person, symbolic of a new home.
The keys to a new home! What a wonderful feeling! Photo by Alena Darmel

Who can give an Amish grandfather clock?

An Amish grandfather clock is a prestigious housewarming gift, often given by parents or grandparents of a first-time homeowner, a sharing of family tradition, a wish for the future, or a first step in decorating a new space. That’s not a rule though. A grandfather clock, custom designed for your new space can be a deeply appreciated gift from a husband or wife, or even to and from yourself. There’s no reason not to honor your new space with an exquisite, high-quality piece of furniture that will show off your style and good taste, and last your whole life. An Amish grandfather clock is a wonderful tradition to start for yourself or your loved ones.

amish grandmother clock in las vegas nevada
Custom Amish Grandmother Clock (just slightly smaller in stature than our Amish grandfather clocks) in our customer’s home in North Las Vegas, NV

One customer from North Las Vegas did just that. She had long kept a grandfather clock in her home, some fifty years, and found herself leaving it behind as she sold her home before moving to Nevada. By that time, it hadn’t worked for years, but settling into her new house didn’t feel complete without the company of a grandfather clock.

Amish-made, Heirloom Quality

Having loved her old clock, she spent a good deal of time searching the internet for another. When she came across Old Time Chimes, she was drawn in by the quality Amish craftsmanship of our clocks and our beautiful designs. She settled on a grandmother clock remarkably like the one she left behind. She loved the customization options, choosing the wood, the stain, the glass, the accents, and the chimes piece by piece. The final result: the perfect clock for her home, even better quality than she had hoped, skillfully delivered, and suits her style perfectly.

The grandmother clock, slightly smaller than a grandfather clock, is a perfect fit for her and her new home. The detail and the quality were nicer even than the old clock she had kept for so long. Her new heirloom is sure to grace homes and lives for years to come.

It’s no wonder we love to give the gift of time, tradition, style, and prestige to warm a new house. An heirloom quality Amish grandfather clock is a beautiful complement to a new home and a blessing for the new homeowner.

A custom-made Amish grandfather clock or grandmother clock is the perfect housewarming gift. It will grace a new home and elevate the space for years to come. Our customer was so pleased with the quality of the work from our Amish craftsmen and the customized choices she was able to make to match her unique taste and style. We were able to work closely with her, answering every question and explaining every option and process as we went, and we’re proud to see how happy she is with her new timepiece. We’d love to help make your new home feel special as well, browse our collections and request a quote today.

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